Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moshe's Falafel

I was feeling like having a veggie lunch one day. So I walked around the Midtown area in search for something lighter but delicious. I stopped at the Moshe's Falafel truck. There was a slight line but it moved really quickly. The menu was quite simple with half falafel pita, a whole falafel pita, or falafel and salad. There are a couple of other menu items as well. I decided to order the full falafel pita ($5). I brought this monstrosity back to the office. Unwrapped, I found this huge sandwich. On a closer look, I saw the falafel balls covered in tahini along with a side of pickle. All wrapped in a fluffy pita. I bit into this bad boy and mostly came out with just falafel. It was crunchy enough but the inside was kind of mushy. The falafel itself wasn't seasoned enough for me. I'm used to falafels with lots of cumin and herbs. This screamed chickpea all the way. I continued chomping down on this pita sandwich. It was pleasant with everything working well together. However, when I came to the bottom of the pita, I was presented with this: a mashing of falafel balls. It was unpleasant. The tahini was gone, as well as any other ingredients. Only dry-ish chickpea heavy falafels were left. Bleh, it was unappetizing by now. Heavy and flat tasting. No thanks! I don't think I would go back to Moshe's for their falafel in pita again. Having the 3 other balls at the end of the pita wasn't tasty at all. If they shifted things around or even provided less falafel but more fixins, I would be a happier camper. Moshe's Falafel Food Truck Corner of 46th St & 6th Ave


  1. Thats unforunate! It looks really good! I would go just for the fluffiness of that pita bread! Nom!

  2. It needs hot sauce and FRIES. More fillings like your said. ;P

    I haven't tried Moshe's yet. The sandwich does look good.


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