Thursday, September 9, 2010

Schnitzel & Things

On a slightly chillier day at work, I was feeling something heartier for lunch. I looked around for food trucks in the Midtown area and Schnitzel & Things was parked nearby. I walked over to find a line but it moved quickly. I ordered the pork schnitzel platter ($10) with mesclun salad and chickpea salad. The pork was flattened and deep fried. Even though it was traveled in a plastic container, it remained crunchy and delicious. The meat had a nice savory flavor and the breading was light. My mesclun salad suffered the most from the travel. The dressing completely wilted the greens by the time it got to my desk. However, the chickpea salad held up very well. In fact, it was delicious. Slightly tangy, it served really well to cut the rich, fattiness of the pork. I might have love the chickpeas more than the pork. Is that possible? The serving of pork was much larger than the fish I bought last time. It's quite filling but it didn't bog me down at the end of the meal. The salad and chickpeas helped too. I think I'm going to try to eat every single item on the menu. So far, so good. Schnitzel & Things


  1. what dipping sauce did you get?

    no schnitz burger?

  2. @TT: Srircha mayo. And they were out of burgers that day. Quite frankly, they scare me.

  3. i still havent visited the schnitzel truck. This is depressing

    that pork looks sensaysh

  4. been wanting to try it.... must pay them a visit =)


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