Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Summer Lunch in Hudson Valley, NY

We were invited to a summer lunch at a family friend's house in Newburgh, NY. They live along the river and have a ridiculous house. It's more of a mansion. The view is incredible. We sat outside on this warm summer day and enjoyed a catered lunch. On the menu: corn on the cob, grilled asparagus, pasta salad, baked potato, and cheese and tomato salad. But the star of this show was this baby: steamed lobster. The shell was already cracked so ease. Some people weren't used to cracking and opening their own lobster. But I'm a pro. It's kind of scary how good I am at it. But I find it more of a talent. I get every single piece of meat out. I do not let that sweet, ocean meat go to waste. The meal was really nice. But the best part was the extra lobster. I took that immediately. It was delicious. Besides the lobster, the pasta salad was my second favorite. It was lightly dressed but the flavor was fantastic. I couldn't pinpoint what the sauce was exactly but it was really nice. Everything was also good. I was happy and full. It made the 2-3 hour drive even more worth it.

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