Thursday, October 21, 2010

Arthur Ave: Palombo Bakery vs De Lillo Bakery

So off we went up to the Bronx where we stopped off at Arthur Avenue. We wanted some Italian food. Going up there was strange. We were walking from the subway stop. The neighborhood was quiet but as we turned the corner, Arthur Avenue was bustling with cars and pedestrians. It's strange how neighborhoods work like that. Our lunch place wasn't open just yet so we walked around to some bakeries. First up, Palombo's Pastry Shop. This came recommended and we went in. The array of baked goods was daunting. However, I was there for one thing... Cannoli! He picked an eclair for variety sake. We split the two. The cannoli shell was still crispy and tasted freshly baked. The cream was soft and thick. The flavor was sweet but not overly so. The eclair was okay. I'm not too big on choux pastry so I'm not the biggest eclair fan. He said it tasted good so I trust him. Next up, De Lillo Pastry Shop which is just across the street. We went for the same thing: cannoli and eclair. The cannoli here had a softer shell but really soft in any means. I liked the cream cheese filling better here. It was less sweet and creamier. The eclair was the same to me. I forget what he thought of this one. After a couple of sweets, we were ready for some lunch! But the sweets here are endless. I really wanted to try some bread too. But we were traveling around all day and I didn't want to carry it with me. Next time, next time. Palombo Bakery 601 E 187th St Bronx, NY 10458-6706 (718) 329-8800 De Lillo 606 E 187th St Bronx, NY 10458-6705 (718) 367-8198‎


  1. you're so brave going to the boogie down! lol
    I have had some really good spanish food in the bronx! Good times!

  2. CANNOLIS!!! *drools
    And I like crispier shell I can gnaw on. lol.



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