Monday, October 4, 2010


I went to try one of the new carts that was around this Midtown area: Bapcha. It's a Korean food cart. Actually, there are 2. One serves rice, and the other serves noodles. This day, I decided to go for rice. I ordered the Bibimbap ($9). It's a rice dish with beef and lots of different marinated vegetables. This version included carrots, cucumbers, bean sprouts, greens, and noodles. I also ordered Mandoo ($3) as a side. They weren't very good. The skin was too dry and hard. The filling wasn't very interesting either. I wouldn't order this again. Here's a closer look at the beef. It was a little overdone for me. Flavorwise, it was just okay. I've had better. It could use some more marination. And here are the vegetables. They were lightly marinated and added a nice freshness to the meal. The meal was just okay. I've had much better in K-Town. This was just mediocre. I'm not sure if I would come back here for food knowing that K-Town isn't that far from me. However, in a pinch, this would work. However, I'm willing to go and try out the noodle cart. Bapcha Korean Food Cart 49th Street b/w 6 & 7 Ave


  1. Call me a purist but one of my fav things about BiBimBap is the piping hot bowl its served in... the beef in your photo does look over done. Im sorry you had this experience. But glad you reviewed it!

  2. @Mo: To my knowledge, there are 2 ways to serve bibimbap: a hot stone bowl(dolsot); or cold in a regular bowl. Bibimbap just means mixed rice.

  3. Damn, the dumplings look clumpy and dry. Mandoo Fail.

    Too bad the meat wasn't juicy either. Oh well. K-town it is!


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