Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Trip to Chapel Hill, NC: McDonald's at LGA Airport & Klondike Heath Bar

Recently, I headed back to Chapel Hill, NC to visit my dear friend, Dr Mandoo. She's studying at UNC and left good ol' NYC. She was my eating buddy and we shared such great times together filling our bellies. However, since her move it hasn't been the same. So, this blog was started in honor of her. It all began with long detailed emails of my eating adventures. And it slowly graduated to this blog with pictures. It grew slowly but now it's full grown! The main purpose of this blog is to remind her that I'm still eating well and am ready and willing to get right back into things when she returns. Until then, these updates will remind her about what's waiting for her in NYC.

And now, onto my trip to NC. So what's a trip without a meal at the airport? Not much was offered in LGA in the morning. But McDonald's was open and had the most people on line.

I stood on line and ordered a Sausage & Egg McMuffin with cheese and a side of hash browns (~$6).

I don't remember the last time I had chain fast food breakfast. It was probably some time I was traveling as well. But I do remember why I don't have it often or even at all. Look at that. Isn't it sad? And where's my sausage? Missing, of course. In its place is a dry, flat piece of ham. Sigh, maybe it wouldn't be that bad. Eh, it was bad. I ate it anymore since real food was hours away, and I was hungry.

The hash browns wasn't very much better but slightly. It was fried to oblivion and super crunchy. But the over frying left it dry and devoid of any real potato flavor. Well, at least all that cooking would prevent any harmful food poisoning and contamination issues.

I finished it all up with some chocolate milk. This wasn't half bad and I actually quite enjoyed it. While creamy and chocolaty, it washed away any remnants of my bad breakfast away. Unfortunately, it didn't help with the rock that was sitting in my stomach now. Oh well, time for take off!

When we arrived in NC, we were hungry. We walked around the supermarket in search of something good. Then we saw this: Klondike Heath Bars! Yes, please!

The creamy ice cream and wrapped in a thin layer of chocolate laced with Heath bar chunks. So good. Sweet, milky, chocolaty, toffee-y. Need to find this in NYC.

US Air Terminal
Flushing, NY 11371
(718) 397-0898

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  1. "What would you do for a Klondike bar?..."

    I haven't had Mickey D's breakfast for too long. Hot cakes!!


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