Saturday, November 20, 2010

City Cafe

Once again the family gathered around for some dinner. The occasion? My dad's birthday. So the rule is: whomever birthday it is, they get to choose where and what they want to eat. So the frugal and stubborn man that he is, my father picked City Cafe...again. He loves this place. And I'll let you know why at the end of the post.

To supplement some of the food, he made a fish and some vegetables.

So what we ordered from City Cafe. On the left are some salt & pepper pork chops. They were really dry. The flavor wasn't very good either. Overly fried and low quality. Pass. On the right are beef medallions with onions and peas. This was better. Although it was greasy, the flavor was better here and the beef was cooked to medium lending it to a more tender bite.
On the left is my dad's whole fish. I think it was striped bass but I'm unsure. He used a new preparation method. He submerged it in slightly simmering water instead of steaming it. He though it would make the fish more tender. I thought it was about the same. The flavors on the fish included ginger, scallions, and soy sauce. My favorite and most simplest way to flavor a fish.

On the right, we had cubes of fried fish with mushrooms and onions. Again, not that good. Overly fried again. The fish was decimated and terrible. The gloppy sauce didn't do anything to save it was being dry.
And lastly, we had fried oysters with ginger and scallions. Do you see a trend here? Again, overly fried. The delicate taste of briny oysters were destroyed with the frying. Below, are the Chinese vegetables that were blanched in some boiling water with some ginger.
So the consensus on City Cafe? Eck! Fried foods are not their forte. Even the one non-fried item was mediocre. I would never choose this place. However, it wasn't my birthday. So it wasn't my choice. The birthday boy/man picked it because it was cheap. All those purchased items cost about $50. It fed a family of 5 adults.

My general rule is: if it doesn't taste good, then no amount of money is worth spending on it. This is also true about free items. If it doesn't taste good, then why eat it at all? Unfortunately, this is not a family trait. Oh well, just waiting for my own birthday then.

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  1. Too bad about the horribly fried foods.
    Eh, as long as your dad enjoyed the meal with his family.


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