Monday, November 15, 2010

NY Giants Game Tailgating

I was lucky enough to go to a NY Giants home game this year. Seats were great but even before the game, the tailgating is awesome. We're just hanging around eating, grazing, and drinking. Good times indeed.

It was an early game, so we were at the stadium by 9am. Woah, that's early. But it was all fine, we had some breakfast foods cooked up on the grill. This time we had skewered French Toast kabobs with bacon. It was topped with maple syrup, strawberries, and pineapple. Delicious! I really enjoyed the sweet and salty pairing of this. The savory bacon worked really well against the sweetness of the of the French Toast with maple syrup.

While we digested the breakfast, some cheese and crackers were laid out. I think this may have been Monterrey jack or colby jack.

Along with that, some dips were put out as well. I was really full from breakfast so I didn't really graze on these too much. I actually don't even know what they were. I think one was an edamame dip, the other was maybe hummus.

As my contribution to this day, I made some pigs in the blanket with cheese. These were slowly munched on throughout the late morning and early afternoon.

To round out the rest of the morning, some marinated chicken skewers were put on the grill. I believe they were marinated in Italian dressing. I actually really enjoy using salad dressings as marinades. I think they have a well balanced mix of acid, fats, herbs, and flavors. They really help kick bland meat (like chicken breasts) with some flavor.

Okay, I'm really full now. I don't really eat anything at the stadium. But when I see some cracker jacks, I always get some. I have a weakness of it. It sweet and salty, and it's popcorn. Love it!

Giants Stadium
50 State Route 120
East Rutherford, NJ 07073
(201) 935-3900


  1. Cool munchies. This wans't the cowboys game?



  2. French Toast kabobs with bacon.

    WOW! Your friend is a genius. That sounds like the best breakfast in the history of the world. Why have I not heard of this before?

  3. the french toast kebabs are genius!


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