Saturday, December 18, 2010

Amy's Bread: Cookies and Cupcakes

I really enjoy going to my local Amy's Bread location. They have a lot of variety in terms of baked goods and their prices are reasonable. Normally, I go for something savory like quiche or scallion scone. This time, I wanted something sweet. Not just one thing, several things.

Cookies were my first choice. On the left is oatmeal raisin. On the right is chocolate chip. These are huge! I think they're about $2-$3 each.

The oatmeal is definitely better than the chocolate chip because it's softer and each of the main ingredients are pronounced. I can actually taste both oatmeal and raisins.
Unfortunately, this was not the case for the chocolate chip. Where's the chocolate? I was eating mostly brown sugar cookies. Eh, not my favorite.
And off to more sweets! Halloween based cupcakes! (I know, this post is really late!) On the left, chocolate cupcake. I think it's devil's food. On the right is vanilla cake with an orange frosting.
Although it got a little smushed, the vanilla cupcake was pretty good. It was light yet moist. The icing wasn't too sweet and went really well with the cake.
Unfortunately, we didn't feel the same about the chocolate one. Although it may deceive you, it wasn't as chocolatey as we thought it would be. It's not a bad cupcake, per se. But it can definitely be better.
And these are the cross sections of the cupcakes.

Amy's Bread
672 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036
(212) 977-2670


  1. the lime cornmeal cookie is great too! it's crunchy and very lime-y...kind of a tropical shortbread. if you are into that sort of thing, it's totally delish!

  2. The almond brioche slices are amazing too!! These all look great... makes me miss living down in Hell's Kitchen =)

  3. Good choice! We also dropped by in their store in Leroy Street when we visited my brother in NY. Their White Chocolate Cherry Chunkers are really good -- my kids love 'em. We brought a bunch of their Cinnamon Raisin' Twist in our home in Greenville, SC. Even our dentists love 'em.

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