Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Blackburn Burger Bistro [CLOSED]

There's a new burger place around the neighborhood and I wanted to try it. It's called Blackburn Burger Bistro. Their is quite simple so I was hoping for some expertise on a very good burger. So, we ordered take out.

First we went for their Blackburn Burger ($9). If the burger is named after them, it should be good right? This what it looked like. Not too big but not too small either. I thought it was a good size. I don't like oversize pub style burgers that are gut bombs. However, I don't like small sliders either. Somewhere in the middle is best for me.

And the cross section. Nice and pink inside. Good. And how did it taste? Not bad at all. The burger was certainly juicy. The sharp cheddar was a nice addition too. However, I couldn't taste the sauteed onions but that's okay. Sharp cheddar is quite strong. The soft white roll was good. It held the burger together without fall apart. The taste of the beef was just okay for me. They use lean beef which definitely lacks flavor than fatty beef would have.

And here's the Vietnamese Burger ($10) which is a pork burger with ham, cheese, and cucumbers.
Since this was pork, it had to be cooked all the way through. I thought it might be dry but it was also surprisingly juicy. This burger had more flavor since it was fancier with the slaw and chili garlic sauce. The cheese helped mellow out the flavor a bit. And again, the bun held everything together through the very last bite.
All the burgers come with a side of fried. These were really mediocre to me. Completely forgettable.
Would I go back to Blackburn Burger Bistro? Maybe. The burgers were okay but could have used more flavor. Maybe they should use a higher fat to lean ratio for their beef. Otherwise, it's hard to justify the price of their burger with so many other places in the neighborhood now.

Blackburn Burger Bistro
683 9th Avenue
New York, NY 10036-3683
(212) 757-2784

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  1. since this post was listed, Blackburn Burger Bistro has switched from the unpeeled freshly cut fries they'd been using since opening.

    Now they're using fresh cut waffle fries which are a world of difference better than the originals - they remain crispy without becoming soggy from the oil if they sit and they are apparantly faster cooking so they have less chance to absorb the oil.

    Notes: They are now serving BEER and WINE

    Recent improvements have been made to both the Blackburn Burger and the Signature Classic. They're a world better than just a few months ago.

    If you're on facebook, they suggest friending Blackburn Burger Bistro. They are trying to do some marketing via social networking sites like FB. Every day, they will post a FB Friends only special on the FB wall. It may be buy one entree, get antother free, or it could be 1/2 price drinks or even free plate of appetizers for your table when you order any alcoholic beverage. What a bargain! sign up and watch for the daily stream!!!!


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