Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dinner at Home

So the family gathered together for a dinner. Dad was cooking and wanted to impress us with his new skills. Sure, I was willing to be a guinea pig for one night.

To start,we had some soup. It was shitake mushrooms, dried scallops, and chicken stocked braised in a whole melon. I didn't get a pick of the melon before everything was scooped out, including the melon pulp. The soup was okay. The mushrooms actually made it quite bitter. Maybe he should have pre-cooked them first. Otherwise, it was a really rich soup with the homemade chicken stock and dried scallops. The melon taste completely disappeared. It would have been nice to taste the sweet pulp.

And on to dinner. First up, stir fried sliced beef and Chinese broccoli. I have never seen Chinese broccoli this thick! It was ridiculous. I know it was sliced on a bias but it was stick crazy. However, I was told that the thicker the stem, the better the Chinese broccoli is supposed to be. Unfortunately, I'm a leafy vegetable lover. I like the thinner stems and leaves better. This was too thick and thought that it was difficult to eat. The broccoli seemed either overcooked or old. The beef was good though. Tender and still juicy.
Here is fried tofu in soy sauce. I loved this! The tofu had a nice salty crust on it but the inside was soft and sweet. I really enjoyed this.
I think this is striped bass. Usually we eat this steamed but it was too big for that. Steaming the fish would have rendered it tough. So my dad submerged it in low simmering water instead. It came out tender and remained juicy. At the end, he poured soy sauce, ginger, and scallions on top. A nice salty finish to some sweet flesh.
And here is what my dad was most proud of: his conch dishes. The first was lightly stir fried with ginger and scallions. The delicate flavor stood through and was only slightly chewy. I really liked this and ate a lot of it.
And the other dish was just lightly poached in salted water. This was much blander and needed the shrimp paste sauce that came with it. However, this dish was not was chewy as the first.
And some store bought roasted duck. We found this container of food before dinner was served and stole a couple of pieces. It was well worth it because the skin was crispy and salty while the meat was tender and juicy. Yum!
And here's some roasted suckling pig. We also snacked on this before dinner. The skin was so crispy good! And the meat was fatty and delicious. This is one of my favorite things to get at Chinese restaurants.
Dinner was quite good and I enjoyed it much more than what we've been ordering out. Dad can experiment with dinner any time.

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  1. I'm also a leafy veggie person. Kai-lan that is too thick wouldn't be to my liking either but it is a fav among my vegs.

    Yay to Roast PIG!

    Nice spread for dinner with your family.


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