Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Hello Berlin

It was Oktoberfest and my friends and I wanted to go out and enjoy ourselves. We went to my neighborhood biergarten for some food and beer.

We were ordering nice tall glasses of beers first. Then, some food to wash it all down.

I was feeling a little cold that day so I ordered some beef goulash ($7.50) which is a chunky beef stew with spaetzle pasta. The soup was good. I like the warm spices and thickness of the soup. The noodles were lackluster. But they weren't huge part of the dish so I didn't miss it much. The bread helped sop up all the goodness.

We also ordered the sausage party platter ($20) which came with 5 different sausages, spaetzle ($6), and potato pancakes ($6). The sausages were good. They sliced them into smaller pieces then cooked them until the skin was crispy with a nice snap. The spaetzle, again, was lackluster. It looked too similar to plain spaghetti. Completely forgettable. The potato latkes were okay. They were very fried and had a nice crisp to them.
Another bowl of soup came around and this time it was split pea. This actually was pretty good again. The soup was creamy with lots of flavor, probably ham.
We were still hungry so we ordered even more food. Here we have the goulash platter ($18) and the Atkins platter of 3 sausages and a meatball ($17). The goulash again was good. The Atkins platter was just okay. Since these sausages were just scored, it didn't have all the crispy bits like the party platter. I would order  the party platter instead of this one.
Can have a meal with some veggies, right? This is the veggie platter ($10) that came with German fries, cucumbers, potato salad, string beans, cucumber salad, red cabbage, sauerkraut, and sauteed onions. I actually really enjoyed this and would definitely get it again. Though the veggies seems heavy, they tanginess from vinegar helped keep it light and more refreshing. It was a good compliment to the heavier meaty dishes.
And lastly, the German pretzel ($5) which came out hot and soft. Again, another win. This was way better than any pretzel you get of the streets of Manhattan.
For a simple night of beer and food, this is a good place to hang out. Unfortunately the service was a little spotty and the communication was lost somewhere. But we kept a light heart and drank our night away. I would definitely come here again for a casual night out.

Hello Berlin
626 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10036-3036
(212) 977-194

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