Saturday, December 25, 2010

Hell's Kitchen Pizza (again)

Another lazy day, another day of pizza. Not that I'm complaining. Pizza is awesome! And I can't seem to make it properly at home. Failure in bread making is the story of the cooking/baking life. Anyway, good thing there's a good NY style pizza place near me. A couple of slices (~$3-$4 each) and I was one happy camper.

Some may call me boring, but I like to stay traditional. So a plain slice for me (with lots of garlic powder).

And a white slice. Creamy, cheesey goodness. Simple ingredients like cheese, tomato sauce, and bread is all I need. For oomph, I add garlic powder.
He's a little more adventurous with his mac n cheese slice. Too much in my opinion but I can see why someone would like this...the overload of carbs and cheese! What can be better...?
Add bacon! Yes, his second slice is bacon mac n cheese. The salty cured pork added more punch to the slice, as well as more texture. This slice was better. Though, still too much for me. He enjoyed it as he gobbled it all up quickly.

Hell's Kitchen Pizza
691 10th Avenue
New York, NY 10036

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  1. White pizza is suppose to be without tomato sauce but I guess you were referring to all you really need. :P

    Nothing beats a SOLID regular slice. Meat toppings do not save you from a crappy pizza.


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