Monday, January 10, 2011

Cooking: Spiral Ham

When you buy a ham from a regular supermarket, there's good chance that it's pre-cooked. The instructions usually are for reheating the meat. So here I have a spiral ham bone-in. I like to remove the meat from the bone before I heat it up in the oven. Why? It takes a shorter time, and it's easier for people to grab a piece. So just take a knife and cut from the outside in towards the bone. Then drag your knife around the bone until the pieces come right off.

The pre-sliced hams make it even easier to remove the bone. Just a 5 minutes process lets me cut the re-heating time to half or less.

These pre-cooked hams are cured, smoked, and water injected. They're nothing like real ham but they're a good substitute in a pinch. This is especially true when you're busy making tons of other dishes with only one oven.

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