Monday, January 31, 2011

My Trip to Hong Kong (Day 1): Continental Airlines Food

We finally boarded our plane and lifted off safely. A few hours into the flight, we were served dinner.

We had a choice between sweet and sour fish or beef. I picked the fish and he picked the beef. Both came with some salad, a roll, and some Milano cookies.

Here's the salad. The cucumbers were actually crunchy and fresh tasting. The lettuce was expectantly lack luster along with the hard boiled egg. The worse was the mysterious fish that came along with the salad. I think it was supposed to be smoked salmon. However, it lacked any smoked flavor. It was more like dry, salty salmon. Without it, the salad would have been passable. I picked it out and ate the rest of the greens.
And here's the dinner roll with a good smearing of butter. It was soft and warm. Not too bad at all.
And the main course, the fish. The meat was dry and served with some gloppy sauce. The white rice helped disperse some of the orange gloppy sauce. However, it was a very meh meal. What did I expect though? Not much.

And here's the beef dish. Appetizing no? Actually not at all. The beef dish was completely over salted. Even the white rice and bland vegetables didn't tame it to become something edible.
After dinner, we were given a midnight snack: a burger and some ice cream. The burger seemed like the kind you could find frozen in your supermarket. It is what you expect. The ice cream was definitely the star there. Why? Because it was Haagen Daz. Milky, creamy, and delicious.
Here's a closer pic of the burger. Looks weird right? Yeah, tasted kind of weird too.
I'd like to add that throughout the entire 16 hour flight or so, we had to pay for alcoholic drinks. Yes, an international flight for that long, you still have to pay. That is all.

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  1. didn't you watch Airplane?

    never order the fish!


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