Monday, January 31, 2011

My Trip to Hong Kong (Day 1): Gallagher's Steakhouse @ Newark Airport

In the morning while waiting for my international flight, we thought it would be best to eat. Food on the plane is always mediocre to terrible. We took a stroll around the gate area and nothing looked appetizing. The best option was McDonald's. I wasn't about to risk getting an upset stomach right before a 16 hour flight. So we walked a little further and found Gallagher's steakhouse. Yeah, it was a little pricier than the fast food options. However, the service and food seemed to be significantly better.

With a beer to relax, I ordered up the cheeseburger ($14). It ground beef patty came with lettuce, tomato, and onion on a soft brioche bun. A side of fries came with the platter as well.

This medium rare burger was cooked to order and was certainly pink inside. However, it wasn't very good. In fact, it tasted kind of dry. I think the blend of meat wasn't that great. However, the fries were not as bad. The were crispy and tasted of soft potato inside.
The steak sandwich ($18) wasn't any better. It came with a side of their signature sauce which was just okay.
What was wrong with the steak sandwich? The steak actually. The thinly sliced sirloin was overcooked and chewy. The sauteed onions really did nothing. It was just a major fail for a sandwich.
As I unhappily ate the rest of the sandwiches, I looked around and saw that other people had ordered steaks or steak salads. Those dishes actually looked pretty good. The people eating it looked happy. Next time, I guess I'll stick with what the restaurant is known for. In this case, steak at Gallagher's.

Gallagher's Steakhouse
Terminal Access Rd
Newark, NJ 07114
(973) 286-0034


  1. One of the perks of my old job was going here for lunch/dinner when we were flying out.

    Pricey, but the best option in that terminal.

  2. That's what I always tell to myself everytime eat for the first time in a restaurant. To stick to their best seller.


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