Sunday, January 16, 2011

Tailgating at Giants Stadium

Okay so the NY Giants didn't make it to the post season. But I can still talk about the last game that I went to. Well, not so much about the game but more about the tailgating beforehand. The delicious, and fun tailgating.

Here's a store bought tray of veggies and dip. I grazed on this all day. I needed the balance. For what? Read on to find out.

Doughnuts anyone? They were kind of stale. Not sure if they were old or if the cold got to them.

Cheese slices and some pepperoncini. The cheese started to mold and sweat as the day went on. Not good. I passed on it. Mold spores spread through the air. Just an FYI.

And here's a random selection of snacks. People grazed on these through the whole day.
And now onto the good stuff. The food off of the grill is always best. Our contribution this game was the thick Luger's style bacon we got from Esposito's Pork Store. They were a hit. People kept munching on them as they came off the grill. Several people burned their lips too.
And here are some shrimp that was lightly marinated and grilled. Eh, not too good. Even the host agreed. He had mistakenly used fully cooked shrimp. It didn't absorb any of the marinade flavor. It also overcooked on the grill. Chewy, stringy, and bland. Pass.
Here's what is left over from some freshly made buffalo wings. Someone brought a deep fryer and made really good use of this. I let the men attack this before I quietly pounced over for a piece. Definitely a nice spicy kick. But that was nicely paired with the blue cheese dressing on the side.
And then this came out of the fryer! A deep fried turkey! Oh look at that color. That bird is looking mighty fine.
All chopped up and ready to be consumed. The meat was really juicy and so flavorful. I asked the chef what he did and he said that before the bird went into the hot oil, he injected it with garlic, herbs, and other delicious flavors. Smart move!
Another popular one were these lambs lollipops. These smaller lamb chops were just seasoned with salt and pepper. Then just lightly grilled so that it would be medium rare on the inside. Oh man, this was awesome. People were walking around with lamb chops in their mouths. Cavemen? Nah, just hungry.
Some late comers brought over some sandwiches.
And some baked ziti. However, I was too full to have any of this. It certainly looked good. The other tailgaters seemed to enjoy it.
Another good meal with some beers. It was a very good morning. Yeah, I ate all that for breakfast! I don't play around.


  1. Heading to Esposito's tomorrow for that pork. Not kidding. Looks amaaaazing!

  2. Wow, thick bacon, deep fried turkey, lamb chops, etc. Way to chow down before a game!!


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