Monday, February 28, 2011


I wasn't feeling my bagged lunch one day. I wanted Japanese food. So I went and ordered from my staple joint in Midtown: Aoki. They're fast, nice, and the food is good.

I tried their bento box for lunch which is $12 during the midday rush. I picked the unagi (eel) which came with white rice, salad, soup, and house roll. That day's rolls was spicy tuna. I opted for pick up to get a little bit of exercise that day. When I opened my bag, I was surprised to see such a large bento box. The container itself was about 12x12 inches. What I wasn't surprised about was the quality. Everything was fresh, light, and delightful.

First, the soup. It was okay being your normal miso soup. Not bad, not great. It satiated whatever craving I had for miso.

And now, onto the bento goodies. The eels was really nice. The glaze was savory and sweet, the fish was meaty, and there was more than enough for me to enjoy. I appreciated the pickled radishes on the side.
The spicy tuna toll wasn't very spicy at all. It was mild. But the seaweed held up, the rice was nice, and the fish fresh.
The salad was very mediocre but I enjoyed the fact that the green were fresh and the dressing was in a separate container. That's a touch that would being be back to a place to eat.
And the rice. Just plain white rice. Nothing special but went really well with the eel.
I really enjoyed the bento box from Aoki. I think it was a good value at $12. The portion was large and it came with soup. It may be a little more than what people want to spend on lunch every day but this is a good splurge once in a while.

234 West 48th Street
New York, NY 10036
(212) 956-2355‎

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