Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Trip Home (Day 22): Continental Airlines

I finally felt better and boarded the long flight home to NYC. While on Continental, we were served a few meals. First, dinner.

The salad wasn't very appetizing. The lettuce was sad and the shrimp was flavorless. Even the lemon was missing its tartness. The single slice of cucumber was dry. One bite and I moved on.

I picked the Asian meal which had stir fried beef and vegetables. This actually wasn't too bad. The beef was completely overcooked, but the flavor was okay. The sauce wasn't too overly salty. It was just salty. The rice was fluffy and obviously overcooked as well. When mixed with the beef, it was passable airplane food. The vegetables, again overcooked, was okay and was a nice change from the sad salad. It was at least edible.
A while after dinner, we were served our midnight snack. I was hoping for another burger and Haagen Das ice cream. Instead, we had a beef pita pocket and Nestle ice cream.
The pita pocket was pretty awful. The bread was stale and the meat was mystery-ish. The texture was completely unappetizing. Ugh. The ice cream was only slightly better. It was a far cry from Haagen Das. The vanilla certainly wasn't creamy enough and seemed watered down.
And lastly, breakfast was served. The fruit wasn't bad. It wasn't super fresh but completely edible. No brown spots and no sorry looking pieces. I enjoyed it.
The main course included eggs with ham and potatoes. The eggs are the kind you get when you microwave it. The texture was spongy and weird. The ham became chewy from being over cooked. The promising looking potatoes weren't crispy and suffered from the steam. The egg, even though looking unappetizing, was the best thing in the container.
And I don't know why but they offered a small vile of soy sauce with breakfast. It was in the shape of a fish. You'd normally find these with bento box kits. I just thought it was cute and it lightened up my day and flight.
Door to door, I was traveling for 30+ hours. It's good to be home.

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