Friday, February 11, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 10): Kingfisher Airlines

Onto King Fisher Airlines I went to fly to Bombay, India. The flight is about 6 hours or so. Plenty of time to sleep or watch movies. And definitely a meal or two.

First up, free peanuts. I'm not a huge peanut fan but I tried these anyway. They weren't roasted. Bleh. I handed it over to someone else who would enjoy them.

Dinner was a choice of Indian (meat or vegetarian) or Int'l. I picked the Int'l and was subsequently presented with this tray of food. A couple of things off the bat, they offer real utensils. No more struggling with weak plastic forks and knives. And they give you a cloth napkin. How nice. This definitely is nicer. Oh, and I'm flying coach.
First the salad. It was bad. Completely overdressed and soft, the veggies sat in a pool of so-so dressing crying for life. Pass.
Next up, the main dish which was soy chicken with white rice and bok choy. Not bad actually. The meat was tender and it actually tasted like chicken. No mystery meat flavors. Also, it wasn't burdened with salt. A lot of airline meals are so salt laden that it's inedible sometimes. Not here. The rice was overcooked but not mushy. It went well with the chicken. The bok choy was also overcooked and suffered from being too soft. However, I wish there were more vegetables. It would have balanced out the meal more. The little piece of garlic bread (not pictured here) was crispy and quite nice. It didn't go with the meal though.
Worse like this dessert: chocolate mousse. See that large glob on top? That's the piece that I had and spit right back out. It was that bad. It wasn't mousse like at all. It was more like fake chocolate flavored gelatin. Texturally terrible. Flavor was even worse.
Although only one component of the meal was edible to me, I still think it was good. You always want the main to be good as opposed to the small add ons. This satiated me for the rest of the flight.

I would also like to say that King Fisher Airlines offered free alcohol to their travelers. Yes, free drinks because we were flying internationally. Why do I mention this? Well, Continental did not offer free drinks even for an international flight. Not even for a flight that was 16 hours long. Yeah. I don't usually drink on flights but I always like to have the option to do so for free when I'm traveling that far.

Kingfisher Airlines

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  1. Damn airlines food. I probably would've went with Indian and maybe veg if it isn't only Dal.

    And when I saw Kingfisher, I thought of the brand of the beer. Almost certain they are affiliated. Free booze FTW.


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