Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 11): Lunch at Colaba Home

The next day after I landed and got some sleep, we headed out to Colaba which is a neighborhood within Bombay. We were having home cooked lunch with some relatives. Yes!This would be so much more awesome than the last meal I had. And look at this spread! Simple but don't be fooled. It's flavor packed.

Here's my happy plate of food. Ready to be shoveled into my mouth and stomach.
First up, dhundar which is a creamy yellow lentil soup/gravy. The flavor was nice but I wish it were a little thicker. I like to ladle this over the white rice and when it's too watery, it just falls flat onto the plate.
White rice is a staple in India. This was nice and fluffy. Not dry, not mushy. Perfectly cooked rice.
And here's some pomfrey fish that was cooked with a tomato based sauce (patio). The fish was really nice. The meat was tender and fell easily off the bone which there were hardly any. The sauce added a nice sweet tang to the dish.
And here's a separate bowl of the patio (sauce) in case you wanted more.
And some fresh chopped veggies. Little did I know that fresh veggies are very hard to come by during my trip in India. I savored these.
As a condiment, there's achar which is pickled mango.
Here's a closer look at it on my plate. I didn't like this at all. I definitely would NOT eat this again.
This was the beginning of many good meals to come.

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