Saturday, February 12, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 11): Radio Club

After a light lunch, I was kind of hungry when dinner rolled around. One thing I noticed in Bombay is that people eat really late. Late as in 9-10pm at night. Umm, isn't that bad for digestion? I powered through though and subsequently taking a nap on the car ride home. Hahahah!

And now my first dinner out in Bombay which took place at the Radio Club. They started us off with free potato chips and peanuts. I attacked those chips. I haven't eaten in awhile, you see.

We ordered and the food came roaring out. First up, chicken tikka wrapped in rotli.
Here's a good look at the chicken inside. The meat was tender and juicy with lots of flavor but not spicy at all. I enjoyed this. The rotli was soft and slightly chewy.
Deep fried prawns came next. They were really light and crispy. The shrimp inside tasted fresh to me. Those chili peppers on top were kind of crazy spicy so I picked them off my piece carefully.
And here's one of my favorite dishes of the night: mustard chicken. It had a really nice pungent flavor from the the mustard which coated every single piece of chicken. The dish was even more kicked up with copious amounts of scallions and chilis. It wasn't spicy though. It was just for flavor.
This is spicy soy chicken which is supposed to be Indian Chinese food. The chicken had a deep soy flavor but this wasn't anything that I was used to. The sauce was really thick and almost sticky. It was sweet and salty at the same time. I know people really like this dish.
Here's some battered fried chicken. Looks weird, huh? Not sure I liked to disliked this. I was just meh. Fried chicken was just meh?! Woah, what is happening? Must be the heavy handed drinks.
But I perked up when this came to the table: garlic cheese naan. This was AMAZING. The bread was so soft and tender but packed with lots of garlic flavor. Even better was the soft gooey cheese and butter inside. I think I ate a whole basket by myself. I couldn't get enough even when I was full.
To cap off the meal, we had a sizzling brownie sundae. Yes, it's a brownie with ice cream on top placed on a hot plate. Then chocolate syrup is poured on top making it bubble and reduce into an even thicker chocolate sauce.
Here's another look at this delicious dessert. The ice cream melts into the syrup making it creamy, sticky, gooey, goodness. The brownie is almost an afterthought but it still says Eat Me! This is one dessert to definitely have.
I believe that Radio Club is a membership only establishment. So we were pretty lucky to have dined here with some current members. The service, the food, and the atmosphere was really good.

One thing to know about India: do not drink the tap water. Instead drink bottled. Also, what about ice? Well, there's something called perfect ice. It's cylindrical in shape and is supposed to be made from filtered and boiled water. How can you really tell? Well the ice freezes really clear. Bad/regular ice is kind of murky.

Radio Club
Bombay, Maharashtra, India

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