Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 12): Gaylord's

That night, we all headed out to dinner at a restaurant called Gaylord's. There was a cute little bakery that was attached to it.

This is what the inside looks like. It's pretty westernized. They serve a variety of Indian and western cuisines to satiated any palate.

Some raw red onion were presented as a complement to the oncoming meal.
Some other condiments were freshly sliced lemons, green mint chutney, and achar (pickled spicy mangoes).
First, the appetizers which in started with fried prawns and french fries. These were just okay.
Someone ordered the chicken cordon bleu (a western dish) and really enjoyed it.
And this is a ham and cheese casserole which was really rich and creamy like au gratin. I thought it was too heavy and dense.
Ah, this is much better: chicken tikka masala which was creamy and had lots of flavors from the spices. I only wish I had a larger serving. We were
The chicken went really well with the garlic cheese naan. Again, super garlic taste. If you look carefully, you can see the chopped garlic on top. There's even more baked inside the bread. There's also copious amounts of cheese and butter. This baby was hot, gooey, and delicious!
This is mutton in brown sauce. The meat was really tender kind of like pulled pork. The sauce was thick and really flavorful. I didn't know what kind of sauce it was because the answer I received was "brown sauce". I didn't care. It tasted good and the meat wasn't gamey at all.
Here is some shrimp biriyani. The shrimp were quite large and plump. Juicy and cooked perfectly. I mixed the rice up with the mutton and chicken. I didn't care that I was mixing a bunch of flavors. It just tasted good.
And ended the meal with this: a bowl of warm lemon water. No, you're not supposed to drink it! It's for cleaning your fingers, silly.

Gaylord Restaurant
Veer Nariman Road
Churchgate, Bombay 400020
Phone: 022-2821269, 2821231

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  1. all of your cheese naan experiences just have me drooling!


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