Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 12): Lunch at Colaba Home

Later that afternoon, we headed out to Colaba for lunch with relatives again. Oh yeah, home cooked food again!

We snacked on some saria which are like shrimp chips but unflavored. They're sold as strips of hard agar. Into some hot oil and you get these addicting crunchy snacks.
Some biriyani rice to go with the main dishes.
And the requisite chopped veggies. Sorry, they've already been attacked in this pic.
And the star of the meal: mutton dunsak. It's a brown lentil based curry-like gravy cooked with mutton which is very popular in India. It's actually pretty expensive as well. The meat was really tender which I guess benefited from long hours of braising. Even better was the lack of gamey flavor. Just rich, flavorful, and filling.
There was a side of chicken kabobs which were slightly spicy and fried. I thought they were a little dry but had nice flavor non the less. I'm not sure what the spices were but I know that I like it.
This is what the chicken kabob looks like inside. Almost resembles a falafel to me. You can see small dots of scallions in it.
As a condiment, we were offered mango chutney which was famously made by one of the uncles of the family. It's both sweet and spicy which adds a really nice contrast to the the meal.
Here's the small bit that I tried with my meal. I went for more after finding that I like it.
For dessert, we shared cetaphil which is a custard apple.
This is what the inside looks like. It tastes like a mild passion fruit to me. It's definitely tropical and delicious. A crowd favorite.
Another home cooked meal had in India. I'm living the life.

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