Sunday, February 13, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 12): Midnight Snack

And here's a random midnight snack that's very popular in Bombay. It's beetle leaf or paan. They're considered mouth refreshers. I was conned into trying a different version of this. I gagged. But Indian people love it. So millions of people can't be wrong, can they?
Anyway, the method of buying this is so shady. You drive to a remote location, flash your car lights, and a man walks over. He takes your order and then you give him cash. The prize is wrapped in a brown unmarked package. And inside if the leaf. Definitely shady.


  1. Looks like gunk scrapped onto a leaf.

    And I was just reading if it also has areca nut in it, then it's a health risk......

  2. they have some paan shops in Curry Hill.

    the sweet paan is minty and refreshing.

    CT's Dad is hardcore and gets the tobacco filled paan.

  3. that looks just horrible


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