Monday, February 14, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 13): Lunch at Gowalia Tank Home

Prepared to be amazed and doe eyed with the following heart stopping foods that I had for lunch one day. All fried in house and shoveled into our throats.

These are mutton cutlis. Tender ground meat were formed into patties with spices and scallions. Then fried golden until crispy. It's kind of a deep fried hamburger.

And what do you serve that with? Deep fried cheese toast. Yup, you grate cheese over toast then deep fry the whole thing. The cheese melted completely and was so gooey. Only the thin layer of crispy crust remains. What could be better?
Cheese toast with chopped jalapenos! A nice spicy kick to the otherwise creamy sweet salty cheese. I liked this version better. Not only did the jalapenos add spice, it also added some texture.
If that wasn't enough, here are some fried potato stix.
And to round out the meal, some aletti poletti which consists of liver, gizzards cooked in a deep rich sauce. This was a little too much to me. I enjoy this dish when it's chopped up like a pate. The liver was too much.
This crusty bread really helped push that liver down.
And that, ladies and gentlemen, was the cardiac arrest lunch I had on my trip.

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