Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 14): Dinner at Family Friend's Home

One weekend, we were planning going away to spend some time near the water and doing a tropical getaway. However, our plans were foiled. But we had all this food. One dear family friend cooked it up anyway and was gracious to invite everyone over to her home.

We started with an appetizer. This is kolmi kavob which is a shrimp meatball. I thought it was burned and dry. I didn't like it very much.
And then dinner was served. Here some rotli which is always a good choice.
Then eggs on tomatoes which was spicy (I like!) but the eggs were overdone. I was looking for a runny yolk but these suffered from being in the oven too long and the residual heat turned them into rubber. If the eggs were cooked perfectly, which is hard to do in a party setting, this dish would have been phenomenal. The spiciness of the tomatoes would have gone really nicely with a creamy yolk. I'm stealing this idea to work on it at home.
Here is some creamy chicken and potatoes. The chicken was completely tender and juicy. The flavor of the gravy was just okay for me. The potatoes were also passable.
The dal (a lentil based gravy/soup) was overcooked. Boooo....I was looking for some good dal to soak up the rice. But this was actually burned tasting. The masala didn't do enough to masked the error.
This is kolmi biriyani which I think is like a Parsi shrimp fried rice. Although the shrimp was small, they were plentiful. That actually made it easier to eat. Again, this was just okay. I wasn't like home. You know, my Parsi family. I'm spolied now.
We finished off the night with some pistachio kulfi which I very much enjoyed. It was creamy and nutty. Look at that rich green color. It was also spiced with a healthy hand of cardamom which is very common in Parsi desserts.


  1. ouch!

    i hope your family friend doesn't read this.

  2. @TT: I'm critical of my own cooking as well.


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