Wednesday, February 16, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 15): Lunch at Calaba Home

In Parsi tradition, when a child becomes of age, they get this really elaborate ceremony called Navjote. It's very similar to a bar/batmitzvah in which lots of family and friends celebrate tradition and good food. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend. Taking 5 weeks off from work was not acceptable. Lucky for me, though, they were doing a practice round with the food. Oh yeah, reaping the benefits of practice rounds. Nice!

First up: mutton kofta. It tastes a little burned on the outside but the meat was so tender and flavorful that it was completely forgivable. The ground meat is wrapped around a skewer and grilled until cooked and bursting with juices and flavors.
The chicken tikka (not pictured below) was very tender and juicy as well. The meat was cooked perfectly where it retained all of its natural juices while absorbing the various spices and marinade

This is chicken malai which is similar to chicken tikka but whiter. However, unlike the chicken tikka, it was dryer. I think it suffered from being overcooked.

The chicken biriyani was just okay. I thought the meat was dry but the rice was perfect. I'm guessing the chicken was overcooked but the rice absorbed all the flavor.
Plain biriyani rice in case people didn't want chicken.
And my favorite of the day: chicken tikka. This was really delicious because the meat was so tender and juicy. I like chicken cooked on the bone because there's just so much more flavor. Also, the flavor of the tandorri spices were fantastic. So savory and spiced well.
To cool some people off, raita is always offered. It's for the spice adverse. This yogurt based sauce definitely helps coat the tongues and mouths of those unfamiliar with the spice. The mint really make this sauce fresh and light.
And lastly, you need some vegetables. Here's just a simple salad made from chopped onion and cucumbers as well.
I really enjoyed this meal. Overall, I really liked everything. Of course some were better than others. I'm just saddened that I wasn't able to attend the Navjote.


  1. I have those plates - the one in the first picture. I think a lot of people do though I know I'm not special. ;) Also, yum


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