Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 16): Crab Curry at Colaba Home

The following post is an epic meal I had while in India. It is definitely one of my favorites during the entire Asia trip. It was a home cooked meal and those tend to be the best anyway. Look at that spread below. What was it? Crab curry. The crab was specially ordered and was cooked with lots of spices and curry. Oh man, are you excited? You should be.

It all starts in this giant pot that could fit 2 small babies. Look at the copious amounts of crab in there soaking their sweet meat with the curry. Hello delicious crab. Please meet the spicy curry. Then make magic.
Along with the main dish, we had chopped vegetables.
And white rice to soak it all up.
But here's the star. The delicious curry. There are bits of crab meat in there. The curry is only slightly spicy and the crab sweetens it slightly with it's delicate flavors. So incredibly good!
And here's my favorite. Lots and lots of crabs!! Plates full of delicious meat. I was lucky that they had already cracked the crabs in half along with the claws.
Here's a close up pic of the crab body. Look at it. I'm still drooling. The curry infused the meat added lots of flavor without killing the actual crab flavor. The curry, in turn, absorbed all that good sea flavor.
And a close up of one of my claws. I'm an expert crustacean cracker. I can get the most meat out of the shell. People ask me to crack their crabs/lobster/shrimp all the time. I'm happy to oblige.
I was first to sit down to eat and the last to get up. Honestly, I could eat it the entire day. I have the patience to sit and crack my food slowly then enjoying each delicious morsel. I only stopped because people started clearing off the table because everyone else stopped eating. I guess I'm the trooper.

If I go back to India, I would absolutely ask for this meal again.

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  1. Annnnd, now I have to go eat. I literally just drooled on my computer


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