Saturday, February 19, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 16): Excellensea

You'd think I would have my fill of seafood of the day after that crab curry fest. Nope! I love seafood and can and will eat lots of it. Let's just hope that one day, I won't become allergic to it. That would be a very sad day indeed. So off to Excellenssea I went that night for a fresh seafood dinner.

As you pass through the restaurant, you find all the seafood on ice as a presentation of what is available that night. There were lots of different shrimp, crab, and fish. I like it. It reminded me of some past Greek restaurants. I like their setup which included a charger plate shaped as a shell. Yeah, I like stuff like that.

First appetizer was fried spicy squid. It was a little chewy but passable. The flavor was spicy and masked the tender flavor of the meat. However, I enjoyed the spice.
Then the breads hit the table and everyone's hands went in for their share. Of course we had to order garlic cheese naan. We were big, big fans. The bread had lots of chopped garlic while the inside held the gooey cheese. We really liked this version but it wasn't the best we had. The bread itself could have been a little fluffier. Otherwise, very good.
Here's just a plain naan for the healthy people. Not me.
And butter naan. Yup, they brush butter on it and some places put in cubes on butter inside. This was good as well. Rich and oily.
So now the rest of the main dishes started to come out. These are prawns in tomato sauce. They were HUGE which was kind of intimidating. However, once I removed the head, it was much more manageable. This prawns were fried first then cooked with the tangy sauce. I enjoyed these because the sauce was pretty well seasoned. The texture was still crispy from the frying which is always a plus.
We also had tandoori style pomfrey which is a fish. They give you a half of the fish for each portion. I thought that this would be too much but I forgot that the food is served on the bones. After I picked out the bones which was really easy, I enjoyed the leftover meat immensely. The flavor was the fish was pronounced without have a fishy taste. It was a tad bit dry but it wasn't enough to deter me from finishing the whole thing. I even had a second piece.
One of the curries that was ordered that night was crab curry. Sound familiar? Hah! But I wasn't sick from eating crab today. In fact, this crab curry was really good! It was completely loaded with pieces of crab. If you look closely, you can see that it's lumpy from all that meat. The flavor of the curry wasn't spicy and the crab flavor was pronounced. I took seconds of this as well.
And this is prawn coconut curry. The prawns were smaller but the right size for the dish. However, I didn't like the flavor of this dish. The coconut flavor was too strong and completely overwhelmed everything else. I also thought it was too heavy to be served as the last dish. To lighten it up and make it more desirable, I ended up mixing some of the crab curry with the coconut curry. It made it much better.
Excellenssea was really good and the waiters served us table side. I would totally go back to this place.

Mumbai City
Ballard Estate, Fort
Maharashtra, India
022 22618991

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