Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 17): Leopold Cafe

On one of the last days of Bombay, we had some free time to buy souvenirs and eat spontaneously. I suggested Leopold's Cafe since I've heard so much about it. You may have heard of it due to the unforgotten terrorist attacks not too long ago.

So we arrived and were seated pretty quickly. The place seemed open, airy, and comfortable. The menu was pretty expansive and had food for both Indian and Western palates.
I looked around and finally knew was a touristy place. Look at all the tourists there. Oh well, the food is supposed to be good anyway. A little pricier, yes but good none the less.
We ordered strictly Indian food because we were traveling/on vacation. I can have Western food easily at home. So we ordered some naan to start (go figure!). First up, keema naan which is a ground beef stuffed bread. Oh yeah, this was really good! And it's one of the few places you'd find beef. The bread was thin but instead was lots of meaty goodness. Overall, it was kind of heavy but if you shared the plate, it was perfect for snacking.
These are golden prawns which were deep fried then placed in the tandoori oven, Although very large in size, the prawns were just okay for me. I thought they suffered from too much breading. However, the taste was good.
An order of buttered chicken was placed and I was delighted. I don't often see something called butter and come to the table red in color. I didn't care. I dove right in and it was delightful. The chicken was really  tender and the thick sauce/gravy was even better. I really enjoyed this. The flavors were complex and when really wells with either rice or plain naan.
And how could we not order more naan. Which is this one? If you've been reading the travel posts, you've guessed right...garlic cheese naan! We couldn't get enough of it! The version at Leopold's was very good. The garlic flavor was really pronounced even though they didn't dot the outside with chopped garlic. Everything was pocketed inside. The pungent garlic and the gooey cheese was heavenly in the soft fluffy bread.
Our last dish was chicken tikka. The chunks of chicken are skewered then grilled with a tikka marinade. This was really good as well. The meat was tender while the flavors were strong.
Some locals may call Leopold's Cafe a tourist trap but I liked it. The food was good and the service was attentive. Plus, this is definitely a more subtle way to introduce someone to Indian food without the awkwardness of the language barrier.

Leopold Cafe
Shahid Bhagat Singh Rd, Apollo Bandar
Mumbai, Maharashtra 400039, India
022 22020131

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