Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 17): Parsi Gymkhana

That night, we went out to celebrate with Granny. We had dinner at the Parsi Gymkhana which is kind of a clubhouse. They set up a nice buffet table and tables for us. It was a really nice night out and the kids enjoyed running around the grass field.

Some food was made to order like the fried mutton chop (below) while others were prepared ahead of time.
And these are some the appetizers that were offered that night. There was plenty of bread rolls and mutton chops to be eaten. I loved the mutton chops. The meat was tender and juicy and well flavored. The crust from the frying was to die for. Mmm, fried meat. The chop was pounded flat for tenderness and ease of cooking.
And did I mention I really liked the mutton chops? I kept going back for more!
Here's another plate of apps that including fried fish (left), chicken malai (middle), and paneer tikka (right). The fried dish was tender and flaky. The light frying was pretty good. I enjoyed it a lot. The chicken malai was another story. I found a raw piece. Not appetizing at all. I gave up on it after that. The paneer tikka was okay. Paneer is a cottage cheese type food. You can find it both soft or firm. This was obviously firmer. I thought it was okay. It didn't really absorb much flavor.
Here's a closer look at the fried fish fillets. Large chunks of fresh fish, battered, and fried. Mmm, nice and tender.
Here's some fried breaded shrimp. I liked these as well. I popped them in my mouth like nuggets. The light breading and good frying technique was appreciated. The flavor was not spicy but just really well seasoned.
And those were only the apps. Dinner was a plain biriyani, potatoes, and dal. This was just okay. It wasn't as flavorful as what I've been having on the trip. However, it was nice to eat something vegetarian for a bit. Meat overload is not fun for me.
And for dessert, we had roasted almond kulfi. I've never had, let alone heard of, this flavor before. It was really creamy and just sweet enough. I appreciated the pieces of almond found throughout the dessert. There was also a slight rose water flavor which wasn't too overwhelming. This was nice at the end of the night.

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