Monday, February 21, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 18): The Diplomat

That night, we all headed to the Diplomat dressed up to party. It was a pre-celebration before the big day. Lots of people attended and there was plenty to eat. Unfortunately, I was so busy that I didn't have an opportunity to take pictures of the apps which were amazing. Instead, I'll just describe it to you.

Cheese rolls: They were a hybrid of mozzarella sticks and spring rolls. They were amazing! The cheese was so gooey and delicious. The spring roll wrapper secure that cheese well and was a nice crispy crunch.

Fried potato balls: The potato was actually mashed so when fried they became so soft and creamy. They were really good. I wish the server came around more often.

Paneer Tikka: soft-ish cheese with tikka marinade. It was just okay.

Meatballs: Way too soft. We couldn't even pick it up properly with the toothpicks. Otherwise, the flavor was just okay.

Mini-samosa: Just okay again. The size was perfect for snacking. The crust was really crunchy. However, the slight downfall was the potato and pea filling. It fell short in flavor.

Chicken tandoori: Tender meat with nice tandoori spices. This was pretty good and really enjoyable. I can always appreciate when chicken isn't cooked to a dry paste.

Fried fish: Tender, flaky meat coated in a light batter then fried crispy. Another good app.

And now onto dinner. It was buffet style and I wasn't very hungry at this point. So I just picked up a couple of things.

I really like the crispiness of papadum which is a cracker-like bread but spiced. This version was nice. The naan unfortunately didn't like up to the naan greatness we've had on this trip. It was just meh. The biriyani was okay was well. The texture was nice though. It was fluffy and well seasoned. I just didn't go crazy over the taste. And lastly, there was falafel in yogurt sauce. Although it was soaking in yogurt the whole time, it was very dry. Weird. Even the yogurt didn't save it. Pass.
The appetizers were much better than dinner. However, maybe it was because we were the last ones to eat. They could have definitely affected the quality of the food especially since it was a buffet.

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  1. "falafel in yogurt sauce"!!! :) it's called a dahi-wada. when it's made well, it's absolutely delish. sad that u got an indifferent sampling...


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