Monday, February 21, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 18): Engagement Lunch

The day before the wedding, we went over to each of the bride and grooms house to celebrate and eat! First, at the bride's home we enjoyed some light refreshments of sayo, yogurt, and almond cake. The sayo is a sweetened vermicelli noodles with almonds. I think it's just okay but that's because I'm not a sweets person. The almond cake, however, was terrible. It had a really off putting metallic taste. I can only suspect that way too much almond extract was used. I literally had to spit it out. It was that bad. After that, I didn't want anything else. So I skipped on the yogurt.

Then off to the grooms home we went for some more food. They gave use a chicken sandwich, more sayo, a mini cheese samosa, and kabobs. I liked the food. The chicken sandwich was light and well seasoned. The sayo was less sweet which I liked. The mini samosa was so cute! It was a two biter. The wrapper was nice and crispy and inside the cheese was melted and eager to be devoured. The kabob, although fried, was light and easy to consume as well.
After all the celebrations that day, we all sat down for an official lunch. An official fried lunch! Everything was fried and my heat "literally" jumped a beat. Here we have some fried shrimp, fried fish, chicken tandoor, and fried chicken. Everything was pretty spicy so my eating was limited. But I also think it helped aide in digestion. My favorites were definitely the fried shrimp (the orange nuggets) which were really addicting. I wanted to just sit there and pop them into my mouth. The fried fish was also really good. But some pieces were really spicy so I couldn't eat as much as those.
My second plate (not pictured) included prawns in brown sauce and chicken tikka. The prawns were good but we needed some bread or rice to go with it. I just was missing something to make it really good. The chicken tikka was just okay. Nothing amazing.

Also, on the menu was bheja kabobs and liver which I didn't try. Bheja is brains. There is very little I won't eat but brains is one of them. I don't have the courage to eat any kind of brain. And I've been offered several times. Yeah, I'm just not ready for that.

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