Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 20): Lunch @ Parsi Gymkhana

I skipped dinner last night because I wasn't feeling well. And that did wonders because I was totally fine today and ate to all my glory! Lunch was served at the Parsi Gymkhana. It was an intimate group of family and close friends. First, we enjoyed some deep fried pomfrey fish. It was super crispy and meaty. I enjoyed this tasty morsel.

Next, their famous braised mutton and potatoes. This was amazing! Really flavorful and depths of flavor. The meat was so tender but without turning into mush. The sauce had all the delicious mutton juices, spices, and various vegetables.
To serve with the fish and mutton, we enjoyed some rotli which were thin and very light. The texture is slightly chewy.
Here's some dhundar which is a gravy/curry-like dish made from yellow split peas. It was thin and coated the white rice well.
A nice side of patio (tomato based sauce) kicked up the spice level. It added a lot of flavor and heat when mixed with the dhundar and rice. I enjoyed this as a nice contrast in flavor.
For dessert, we were offered some custard. I thought it was too dense. It wasn't light at all. And the flavor of rose water was overpowering. A definite pass for me.


  1. you didn't like the Lagan nu custard? Oh no. Hm, that's the best part of Parsi weddings.

    1. I think it was just this preparation. Ideally custard should be light and creamy. I would like that.


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