Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Trip to Bombay, India (Day 21): Lunch at Gowalia Tank Home

My last day in Bombay is here and what a trip it has been. Lots to do, see, and eat! I was having a grand time but was also ready to go home. My last meal wasn't anything luxurious. In fact, it was a bunch of fried foods bought from a nearby store. What a perfect ending. Below are chicken cutlis, chicken and mutton kabobs. They flavors were the same to me. Heavy on the masala and fried crispy. However, do you prefer it in a shape of a patty or a ball?

Here's some chicken pattis. The shredded meat was enveloped in a flaky dough. The meat was tender and the sauce was nice. They're like pot pies but with Indian flavors.
Chicken salad sandwiches were surprisingly good. Just your normal chicken and mayo on white bread. Yes, I ate mayo but it wasn't too mayo laden. It was actually enjoyable. Maybe I'm turning a new leaf this year. Maybe.
And lastly, some chicken farcha which is fried chicken but with masala. I really enjoyed this. The meat was juicy and tender. The chicken was fried well and had a very nice crust. I ate a whole leg by myself. Hah!

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