Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My Trip to GuangZhou China (Day 2): Hong Xing Seafood Restaurant

The very next morning, Mr. M&P and I took the train out to GuangZhou, China. We were headed to visit a lot of family. But first, checking into the hotel and getting something to eat. We decided to go around the corner to a nearby seafood restaurant. The hotel suggested it actually. It was called Hong Xing Seafood Restaurant. Young ladies dressed in traditional Chinese garbs greeted us.

The restaurant had an outdoor space where people sat close to the river and enjoyed the day.
Insides, the decor is quite modern but comfortable.
We were seated in a booth next to the outside space. We could see the river from our seats. It was quite comfortable actually. Pillows and soft cushions around the peaceful space.
Now on to the food. I was glad that a majority of the menu had pictures. I can't read nor write Chinese at all. Once our meal was ordered, we sat back and enjoyed some tea.
Some light appetizers were brought to our table. This is pickled cucumbers with a light soy sauce flavor. However, they're not free. If you touch them, you pay for them. If you don't want it, you actually have to send them away. How tricky!! Also, they don't give you any napkins. You have to ask for them and you have to pay for a pack of paper napkins. Everything has a price. However, we were on vacation so we weren't worried about the small things.
The first dish that came out was chicken with salt and pepper. The chicken was small but tasted pretty good. The chicken had a really good chicken flavor. Unlike hens grown in the US, the breast meat here was skimpy. The dark meat was the favorite. The salt and pepper flavor was all that it needed to give it a lot taste. I really enjoyed the simplicity of this dish.
The chicken also came with a small dip which is salt, pepper, and oil. The oil is supposed to be drippings from the chicken skin. I'm not sure if this was actually drippings but it tasted really good.
I can't have a meal in China without some rice. Just plain white rice. It was a good vehicle for the chicken. I cleaned my palate when I reached for the other foods.
And here is some Chinese broccoli. These leafy greens looked thinner than what I normally get in the states. However, the taste was supreme. These vegetables were lightly stir fried in a wok. It didn't need any sauce because it just naturally tasted very good.
And since we were in a seafood restaurant, we had to have seafood, right? So we ordered a fish. However, you actually go and pick out your fish from the tank. This ensures that it's the freshest seafood that you can get. From swimming in the tank, to the kitchen, to the table. We asked for it to be simply prepared which was steamed with some ginger, scallions, and soy sauce. The meat was tender and sweet. The soy sauce added the saltiness and the ginger and scallions added the freshness. We were very happy with this dish and ate every single morsel.
We were very happy with this meal and would definitely come back if there was an opportunity. The food was very good and at ~$30USD total, we sat back and rubbed our bellies like kings.

Guang Zhou Hong Xing Seafood Restaurant
276 Huanshi Middle Road
Yuexiu, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


  1. wiping my mouth on the tablecloth it is!

  2. Charge for napkins? Boo.

    Oh well. At least the meal wasn't pricey.
    Mmm kai-lan.


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