Friday, February 11, 2011

My Trip to Hong Kong (Day 10): Chen Fu Ji @ Hong Kong Airport

Once we checked our bags at the airport, we wandered around to see if anything was interesting. They had a lot of shops and restaurants. We ended up at a place near our gate: Chen Fu Ji. We were drawn in by their noodles. They was actually a guy making fresh noodles in the dan dan style. Interesting.

I got the vegetable soup noodle. The bowl came steaming hot with tons of noodles in it. They were really long and quite difficult to eat. You see, the utensils were all cheaply made and disposable. If I had real chopsticks and a larger spoon, it would be easier. However, the noodles tasted freshly made and had a nice bite to them. They could have more bite (al dente) but this was really good for airport food. The broth, however, was just meh. It didn't taste rich nor complex. It was almost like instant broth. Oh well. Can't have it all. Also, they were really skimpy with the fresh vegetables. Would it be too much to ask for more leafy greens? Cheapos.

Mr. M&P had the dry minced pork noodles. He didn't want to deal with soupy noodles. The sauce was ketchup like which we actually liked! It reminded me of sloppy joes or manwiches. He mixed everything together and was satisfied by it.
Ms. Pastry Chef had the beef noodle. The noodles were the same quality but she said the beef wasn't very good. It was kind of grisly and of poor quality. However, the broth was better than my dish. What did I say earlier? Can't have it all.
Although there were some missteps in certain parts of each dish, we were all satisfied with what we paid and received. This is far better than many other choices in airports all around the world.

Chen Fu Ji
Terminal 1, Food Junction
Departures West Hall, Level 6
2261 0399 / 2261 0347

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  1. I liked this place as well.. The taste of Laksa still lingers.....I asked to make it extra spicy...and it was awesome....


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