Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Trip to Hong Kong (Day 5): Take Out Lunch

Back from the day's grocery shopping, we returned home with our bounty. And what a bounty it was! Here's some salt chicken and suckling pig from Park n Shop. The chicken is served with some ginger and scallion sauce. The chicken meat was pretty good. Juicy and tender and slightly salty. The ginger and scallion sauce was okay. It needed more ginger. The suckling pig had a really nice crispy skin that everyone enjoyed. However, the meat was too fatty. They didn't render it properly so some pieces were literally skin and fat.

And here's the house specialty. Those are boomla fish or Bombay ducks. They were fried with lots of spices. The meat is very soft and tender. Every single bone of this fish is edible. I wasn't afraid so I ate the entire thing. Some people were a little wary (crazy Westerners) and picked out the bones. I really liked this fish. Pretty tasty with the spices and it was fried. I like fried. Don't you?

On the left is some akoori which is Parsi scrambled eggs. It was a little watery for my own tastes but the spices in it was very good. I would have liked it to be a bit spicier. The dish on the right is soy sauce chicken from Park n Shop. It was just okay. I thought that it needed more soy sauce flavor.
I like to eat my akoori with rotli. Most people eat it with rice or by itself. I just created a little sandwich for myself.
And now a fan favorite: char siu or roast pig. Honestly, it was just meh. It definitely needs more roasting flavor. You can see that the outside wasn't really charred or caramelized.
And as usual, Asians can't have a meal without rice.
Here's a small selection of the foods I tried with my first place. Just a tasting. My second and even third helpings were more of what I really liked.
As always, we finished off the meal with some fruit. The persimmons from the market were super ripe and sweet. The texture is really soft and mushy similar to an overripe tomato or peach. The flavor is almost citrus-y without the tang and sourness.
And here is some sliced Asian pear. This tasted more like pears than a fresh apple. It was very sweet.

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  1. Me love fried.

    Too bad the roast pork and pig weren't up to par.

    Never had bombay duck. I'm too lazy to pick out the bones so probably just eat it all if fried thoroughly.


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