Monday, February 7, 2011

My Trip to Hong Kong (Day 7): Tokio Joe

That night, we went for some Japanese food. There's a place that our hosts frequent so we all went there looking for some fresh sushi and other delights. The restaurant is located right off the street and down a small ramp. The room is kind of small so you'd definitely want to come with a small group or make reservations.

We started off the night with some free edamame that's served when we sat down. It was nicely boiled and then salted. It was good and fresh. I enjoyed them.

Once we all arrived and sat down, the ordering began. To start off light, we had some Japanese tomatoes. They were sweet and very ripe. Their natural flavors went well with the salty soy sauce. This was surprisingly good and yet so simple.
Next up, fried rock shrimp salad. The shrimp was well fried and seasoned. It tasted really good. I enjoyed a whole lot. The salad was the freshness that it needed to complete the dish. This could easily be an entree salad.
And here's one of the night's favorites: spicy tuna tartare in lettuce leaf. This was really good. The tuna was fresh and lightly kicked up with spicy mayo. The lettuce leaf was crunchy and fresh. You take the tuna wrapped in the lettuce and then right into your mouth. So incredibly good.
This is salmon sashimi. Nice thick slices of fresh, raw salmon. It was nice and fatty.
And here are some rolls: spicy tuna and dynamite. These were good but the roll was too soft. I think it was the rice. It was overcooked. However, the taste made up for what the rice lacked.
For more protein, and the raw fish adverse, we ordered sauteed beef steak. The beef was really good. It was properly cooked and really tender. The accompanying sauce was super too. This was definitely a crowd pleaser.
This is fried fish with mayo. I don't remember what kind of fish this was. However, it was quite tasty. The fish was crispy but stayed juicy too. The mayo added the slight amount of fat and creaminess to the dish.
As a small treat, Mr. M&P and I ordered a couple of uni pieces to try. They were creamy and fresh. No fishy taste at all. I've had better but this was pretty good. I would definitely get it again.
And here's some shrimp tempura. It was freshly fried, super crunchy from the panko, and light from being fried and served immediately.
Here's some miso soup. It was quite refreshing but filled me completely. Ugh, too much liquid in my belly to eat. But there was more food to come.
This is beef fried rice. It was a very large portion. It completely filled me up along with the soup. It was only okay. It definitely needed some soy sauce or maybe a runny fried egg.
We wanted a little more sashimi so we ordered some yellowtail. It was fresh but a little fishy. I don't think a lot of people would like this.
As my contribution, I ordered sauteed eggplant with avocado. I really enjoyed this a lot. The freshness of the avocado went really well with the cooked eggplant which was soft and delicious. A really good combo.
To end the meal, we got some fresh fruit which including watermelon and pineapple. It was really nice to have some fruit at the end of the meal.
However, some people wanted something else sweet so ice cream was also ordered. Here's some strawberry, chocolate, and sesame. I thought it was just okay. I liked the fruit more.

Tokio Joe
58/62 D'Aguilar Street
Hong Kong

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