Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Trip to Hong Kong (Day 9): Ajisan Ramen

Later in the day, the young adults decided to split off and explore the city by themselves. We walked around until we got hungry. We decided to see what kind of meal we could get from the mall since so many meals were successful there. We ended up in front of a ramen place called Ajisan.

It felt as if it was a small kiosk in the food court of the mall. However, the food looked good and the people certainly looked happy. The clientele was mostly workers on their lunch breaks and school kids who just got let out.

They had a set menu that was about $5USD each so we opted for that. For ramen, I picked the spicy beef. The beef was tender and just slightly spicy. The noodles were a little overcooked but that could have been because I sat there while I waited for my friends to get their noodles too. They didn't serve them all at once. They actually came at different times which I find very strange. Who wants to sit there and watch someone else eat? Who wants to be watched while eating? Weird.

Anyway, the broth was nice and milky with some richness to it. The spice wasn't too harsh but left a nice tiny lingering tingle in my throat.
With the meal, came 3 fried gyoza for about an extra $1USD.
The gyoza was your standard frozen kind but the wrapper was super thin. And they were able to created a nice crust on the bottom making it crunchy and delicious. The extra dollar was worth it.
My companions also got the Ajisan ramen which he liked.
And the beef short rib ramen which I think she liked too.
We definitely enjoyed our meal. If this is their type of food court, then we need more food courts like that here in the states. We are completely missing out on some goodness.

Ajisan Ramen
Mong Kok Grand Century Place
Hong Kong


  1. That ramen is making my mouth water like crazy! Incidentally, how do you make potstickers at home so the bottom is still crispy but they dont stick to the pan? Is there a trick of which i am unaware?

  2. @FFG: I've found this to be the best way: Take a non-stick pan, heat up some oil until really hot. Place the pot stickers in it. Watch out for splattering! And cook for about 5 minutes without moving them. This creates a nice crunch. Then fill the pan with water 1/3-1/2 up the dumpling. Cover and completely reduce all the liquid. Continue frying the bottom of the dumplings again for about 3 minutes or so.

  3. @Hungry, thank you so much!! Rest assured, I will be trying this technique very soon - I think I have been being too impatient!


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