Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011: Hill Country Chicken

Every Valentine's Day, Mr. M&P and I head out for some fried chicken and beer. We started eating KFC a long time ago but we've stepped it up now. So this year, we picked the recently opened Hill Country chicken.

After perusing the menu, we opted to try each of the Classic and Mama Els' chicken and a couple of sides. I chose a thigh and drum. He chose a breast and drum.

Here's my drum and thigh. The drum was Mama Els' which supposedly is skinless, batterless but had its own special seasonings. The thigh was the classic. Both pieces were juicy and cooked properly. However, I liked the classic better because I actually like fried chicken skin and I thought it was more seasoned. I thought Mama Els actually needed a little more ooph so I proceeded to dip it into the hot sauce which tasted like Frank's Red Hot.
Here's a foggy picture of the drumstuck. Steam was actually coming out and fogged up my camera lens. The dark meat was juicy, flavorful, and tender. Only the crust needed some work.
Here's some free honey and hot sauce. I used the honey for the biscuits and the hot sauce for the chicken.
Mr. M&P liked Mama Els recipe better. He thought it was less salty. He's not a salt fiend like me. He also thought that his chicken breast piece was juicy and tender considering it was HUGE. Come on, look at that chicken. I will always be a dark meat fan.
For sides, we picked the cheesy fried mashed potatoes. I overheard the server say that it contained mashed potatoes, fries, and cheese. We both that they were just okay. From the description, we were expecting so much more. Oh well. Cheese and carbs were good enough for me that night.
I picked the blistered corn salad. Although the corn wasn't charred at all, I really enjoyed this. They mixed the corn with a light vinaigrette which added the acidity to the whole meal. It was a nice contrast to the fatty chicken, rich potatoes, and thick biscuits. I would definitely get this again.
I forgot to take a separate picture of the biscuits but they were just okay. I wish they were warm. However, being left out in the open allowed them to cool and slightly harden. I would suspect that they would be soft and pillowy when fresh out of the oven.

Hill Country Chicken was just okay for me. The whole meal plus 2 beers cost around $35. It's a little pricey for me since the chicken didn't really wow me. The meat isn't fried to order. In fact, they fry and store it in a warming oven. Maybe I will be lucky to try one of their freshly fried pieces and freshly baked biscuits one day. I think that could make all the difference. So in essence, I would go back but not running.

Hill Country Chicken
1123 Broadway
New York, NY 10010
(212) 257-6446


  1. the Feisty Family went last week, post pending.

    i agree it was just kinda meh.

    the chicken was juicy and flavorful, but i had a hard time differentiating between the Mama Els and the regular.

    the corn salad was terrible. not corn season, so that should be expected. hopefully it is better in the summer.

    the biscuits were hard for us too.

    fries were way too salty

  2. @TT: Hmm, I liked the corn salad. Yeah it's not in season but frozen corn is pretty good. But it could be just me. I LOVE corn.

    But overall, yeah just meh.

  3. Popeyes > Hill Country Chicken

    I thought the Mama El recipe was ok when I tried it. Nice seasoned crust to their chicken but nothing special or must-eat.

    And def. Dark over white.


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