Monday, March 28, 2011

Cooking: Ramen & Meatballs

Sometimes my cooking is so haphazard that I'm embarrassed. However, when it actually turns out to be good, I'm all smiles.

It all started when I was digging in my freezer and found some ramen noodles I had purchased a while ago from Mitsuwa. They've been sitting in there unnoticed...until now. I took them out to slightly defrost from the cold.
I also fished out (haha) some fuzhou meatballs (pork stuffed fish meatballs), fish meatballs, and beef tendon meatballs (not pictured).
Along with the noodles and meat, I cleaned up some bok choy from my local market.
One a pot of water is boiling rapidly, I add a little salt then the meatballs all at once. They're frozen through so they'll take the longest.
In about 10 minutes, I'll throw in the noodles and cook for 3 minutes. Lastly the vegetables and sauce packs (shoyu from the ramen pack) and cook until the vegetables turn bright green but still retain a crunch. I hate mushy vegetables.
Turn off the stove, then scoop all the noodles into a bowl. Then slowly layer in the veggies and the meatballs. Last, ladle in that delicious salty broth. A squirt of srirarcha is your choice but I opted out of it this time. But my belly was happy just the same.

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