Thursday, March 24, 2011

Cooking: Tortellini with Sausage and Mustard Greens

Here's a really easy recipe for a delicious pasta dish. Skip the egg and all you need are 2 pots. But why would you skip the egg? This balanced meal has carbs, dairy, protein, and vegetables.

First, wash your greens. I used mustard greens in this recipe. I like the slight bitterness to contrast the spicy and fattiness of the sausage. However, feel free to use any leafy green as you please.
I bought some spicy chicken sausage from Esposito's and was really excited. I cut them into bite sized pieces. I left the skin on so that they would hold together in the pan.
So I slowly cooked the sausages in a little olive oil until they browned nicely and the fat rendered out.
In another pot, I brought some water to a boil then salted it and added pasta. In this case I used cheese tortellini. But as always, use any pasta that you like. Even non stuffed ones works in this recipe.
Once the sausages are cooked, add the mustard greens right on top, salt, then cover. Wait about 5 minutes, and toss the greens and cook until they're wilted down like below.
Then throw in a container of tomato sauce. I like to make a large pot of marinara then freeze it in batches. This was just a container that was left on the counter overnight to defrost. You can heat it up on the stove on low if you like as well.
Toss the ingredients together and then put the cooked pasta in to cook a little further and absorb all the flavors.
This is what it looks like once everything is cooked. Wait! It's not done yet.
You know I need to fry up a couple of eggs with runny yolks.
Into a bowl, egg on top, then some grated cheese. Voila! Delicious meal had by everyone! The sausage was really great. It was spicy but not overly so. It was also really flavorful and I would definitely go back and buy some more. The eggs was slightly overcooked on  the sides. You can see it near the whites. But overall, nice and runny. The cheese was creamy and pungent while the mustard greens were bitter and added a crunch to the dish. The cheese tortellini was light was absorbed the marinara well. I was very happy with this dish and would definitely make this again.


  1. Chicken Hot Sausage from Bobby, YAY!

    that's a tasty looking dinner.

  2. I have to say, taht is one tasty looking dish!
    And here i am wondering what am i going to put on my menu next week.
    thank you!

  3. @TT: And I think it was actually Bobby that I worked with that day too!

    @Mo: It's nice to know that my cooking inspires people.

  4. Nice grub, H.

    Runny eggs and sausage! WINNING!!


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