Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dinner Party: Steakhouse Dinner

Once in awhile I have the urge to throw a dinner party. It's really an excuse for me to try a recipe that serves several people. When I saw a roast prime rib recipe that I loved, I had it on my mind for a really long time. So, I invited a few people to my home and fed them. They helped with a few munchies with drinks. But I like to be in charge of the main dinner which includes appetizer, salad, entree, and sides. Desserts are delegated to others if I know a good baker. And on this night, I certainly knew a couple of good bakers. It certainly saved me a lot of time and effort. Most of all, I enjoyed their baking skills.

To start, someone brought some sliced meats. Below are spicy soppresatta, and salami. It was really nice. The marbling of fat within the meat was noticeable and appreciated. We slowly but surely ate all of this.

Along with the meat, they also brought over some cheeses. Oh darn! I have forgotten to write down information about the cheeses again. I know that one of them is brie which is the soft, mild cheese at the bottom of the picture. I believe the one of the right may be emmantaler which is a swiss cheese. It's creamy and very mild in flavor as well but not as much as the brie. The third cheese I think was parmagiano or pecorino. It was a harder more grainy type of cheese. As a result of more aging, it was more pungent which I loved! Give me any pungent cheese and I eat it up happily.
Another guest decided to make a lovely bruschetta type appetizer. She definitely went all out which I expected as much from her. You see, she has taken some classed from Le Cordon Blue in France. She has some major skills that I'm majorly jealous of. So I'm always happy when she volunteers to make something. It's always a nice treat.
So here's a closer look at what she made: a crostini with goat cheese, honey, fig jam, and prosciutto. To say it was really good is an understatement. The crostini was lightly toasted which added a lot of crunch. The creamy goat cheese was strong in flavor but toned down with the sweetness from the fig jam. And lastly the salty prosiutto added the nice savoriness. We popped these into our mouths joyfully. I could eat this as a fully dinner. In fact, I'm going to steal the recipe from her when I get the chance.
With a little extra time on my hands, I decided to make a dip. This is my homemade French onion dip. I saw the recipe on Serious Eats and really wanted to try it. I was in a dip mood. Shall we have a year of dips? Maybe. Anyway, I really liked how the dip came out. I caramelized tons of onions until they developed so much flavor and sweetness. Then the usual glops of dressings and chives on top. I'll post the recipe in an upcoming post.
And now the dinner part of the party. I bought some bread to serve. It was really nice and soft. It sopped up the juices from the meat.
But before the meat, I needed to serve some veggies. A salad was in order. You know how I like balance. So this is just some spring mix with walnuts, cucumbers, tomatoes, and onions with a honey mustard vinaigrette.
And a side of potato and portabello au gratin. Cheese, potatoes, and mushrooms with a cream sauce. Um yeah!
And the main course: roast prime rib cooked to medium rare. The more inner pieces were a little more underdone for those craving the less cooked beef. Although the roast had cooled off too much to truly enjoy, I liked the flavors that developed during the cooking process. And the roasted veggies on the the side just soaked up the juices and flavors. Next time, I need to keep this sucked in a warming oven until ready to serve.
After we stuffed ourselves with dinner, we enjoyed a lovely chocolate cake topped with homemade vanilla marshmallows.
Look at that slice! Chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and a vanilla marshmallow having some fun on top. So rich and moist. So good! We were happy to keep the leftovers!
The dinner party was quite a success and I was happy with what I made. My timing is still off but that's what these parties are for. They're tests for myself. I mentally took a few notes on how to improve my dishes. Next time, it'll be even better!


  1. This looks great! I want some prime rib now. How long did it take to cook?

    I'm going to steal the goat cheese, honey, fig jam, and prosciutto crostini combo. Full disclosure. hahah. =) I'll be sure to credit your post though!

    Btw, hope you don't mind me pointing out that there's a typo - "The creamy goat cheese was strong in flavor but toned down with the sweetness from the jig jam." =)

  2. @Esther: I have a convection oven so it took about 2 hours but it really depends on the size of your beef. The recipe (post to follow over the weekend) calls for about 2-3 hours in a regular oven.

    Please go ahead and try the crostini! It was awesome.

    And I don't mind at all with corrections. I'm an serial non-reviewer of my own posts. So mistakes are bound to happen and always thank people when something is glaringly wrong.


    Wow. What a WONDERFUL Dinner.


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