Thursday, March 3, 2011

FBM Potluck 5

Another FBM Potluck!! Awesome! If you noticed, this is the 5th one. I missed the last one because I was traveling. So, I made sure I could make this one. And it was awesome! The booze flowed freely, the food was plentiful, and the conversation and games...interesting. But that's for a totally different blog. You want to see and hear what I ate! First up, my drink made by Yvo of The Feisty Foodie. She's been experimenting with a lot of cocktails lately. She served us elderflower martini's which were awesome! I liked how it was sweet from syrup and tangy from citrus. I think this was a little too easy to drink.

As I was starting to feel the effects of the drink, I started shoving food into my mouth. CT made South African Bobotie. It was awesome! It reminded me of keemo but slightly sweeter.

She also made some rice with raisin. It went really well with the bobotie. I wish I had a bowl to just shovel this in my mouth.
TT made a couple of quiches. The first one was bacon and cheese. It was good as your standard quiche. I definitely appreciated the large pieces of bacon and firm quiche texture. I've had issues with "disappearing" ingredients and water quiche. This was quite the opposite. Nice and savory.
His second quiche which I like more than the first was corn tortilla. I really enjoyed the green chilies in it. It had a much more complex flavor. The only thing that was off to me were the tortillas. It made slicing difficult. But with a sharp knife, that's easily fixable.
Our lovely host, BeerBoor made fried garlic. You may remember our dish of garlic from a recent Hagi happy hour. We wanted to recreate it home. This was a good attempt because the garlic was soft inside but crunchy outside. But it didn't quite get the creaminess right. It didn't matter though, I devoured these like popcorn. But no one wanted to kiss me at the end of the night...I wonder why.
Later in the night, he also fried up some corn dogs. But I knew I wouldn't be a fan. Not because of the frying but because of the hot dog he used. I'm a fan of all beef dogs like sabrett or hebrew national. Not ballpark. Oh well.
Not only did Yvo bring drinks for everyone, she also made a ton of food. She definitely outdid herself with this potluck. First on the food menu, her famous deviled eggs.
Here's a close up of an egg I was about to devour. I liked the creaminess of the egg yolk mixture. I also liked the bacon/lardon topping because it added a nice crunch to it. I popped these into my mouth without knowing I had already eaten about 5. Ooops.
This is her garlic tarragon bread but I thought was just okay. I couldn't really taste any garlic or tarragon. The bread was soft though.
To serve with the bread, she made a couple of dips. One of a black olive tapenade. The other, I forget. The second (the white one) was supposed to be served with tortilla chips which she also brought that day.
Super crispy and crunchy. Were these homemade? I forget. But they were better than usual.
KC made eggplant parmesan which she reheated at BeerBoor's home. It came out and everyone's eyes popped out. I did not wait to serve myself.
Look at those layers of thin eggplant slices, gooey cheese, and marinara sauce. AMAZING. Did I ever mention I want her to be my Italian Nonna? Yes, I very much do. Anyway, I liked her version of eggplant parm because it wasn't overly sauce or cheesed up. Every ingredient had its own place and you could taste it. It was a very happy marriage of flavors.
Along with the eggplant parm, KC also made some dessert bruschetta.
This is strawberry balsamic on mascapone cheese. The sweet and tangy mix was nice. It helped cut the richness of the cheese.
I think this was amaretti cookies with fruit preserves. This was a little too sweet for my tastes. But still tasted good.
And finally, pistachios with chocolate on mascapone cheese. I like this one. I definitely appreciate pistachio nuts. It was a nice balance of sweetness.
MadJack made a salad. Gasp! It's her first FBM potluck and she brought a salad?! Hah! No worries, I actually had 3 servings of this. Why? It taste good and it was a nice balance food with our normally meat and carb heavy potluck. I, for one, welcomed it. I like how the salad was lightly dressed with peaks of flavor from the arugula and chicken.
TC brought booze as usually but this time he also brought some meats and cheese. He had a nice variety of proscuitto from Murray's Cheese (not pictured) and a box full of Hickory Farms products. Towards the end of the night, with no one looking (except TC), I snagged this box and took it home as a "present" for myself. Hahah!
Deanlo of nommables brought in homemade arancini. I was really excited because he's a perfectionist when it comes to making food and I read his post on his recipe. Also, he wanted to fry it on site. Umm, yeah! Little balls of fried goodness.
I split one in half to share and look at the inside. Creamy risotto rice enveloping some pork belly all smothered in cheese in a crispy breaded crust. It tasted as good as it looked. Mmm, mmm.
I brought lobster rolls but totally forgot to take a picture of the finished product. Hopefully one of the other bloggers that night took some decent pics. In all honesty, I didn't taste my finished product. I wanted everyone to have a piece so I actually don't know what they taste like all together. I did taste the components though and they seemed okay to me. But how bad could lobster (with or without mayo) on a buttered bread taste?
I also made some jalapeno poppers filled with cream cheese, apple, and scallions all wrapped in bacon. They didn't turn out to be as spicy as I thought which worked well for some heat adverse guests. I wan't satisfied with this dish though. I wish the bacon was crispier and the cream cheese creamier. One mistake, baking this too ahead of time. If they came out hot out of the oven, it was be better. And I used fat free cream cheese. Why? I don't know. I think I picked up the wrong box. I'll do better next time.
After all that savory food, I wanted some sweet dessert although I had already munched on dessert bruschetta. KC also made some oreo truffles which were really good! The oreo center was really intense and creamy. The white chocolate outside was a nice touch. This would work really well as a Christmas dessert looks wise. But they can be eaten any day of the year.
Yvo made some chocolate surprise cookies which I thought were just okay. I didn't think they were chocolaty enough. Mild in flavor, I guess.
And here is my attempt on beignets which I fried on site and to order. They were too doughy and heavy which is more like zeppole's than light airy beignets. Ooops! I think I shouldn't have kneaded the air out. I'll definitely try to make this again.
I definitely liked the flavor though. Not too sweet which paired well with the powdered sugar. This helped soak up the liquor well.

Another really great potluck! We all had a lot of fun and definitely let some guards down this time. Some really funny and strange personalities showed up when the liquor was in full force. All I have to say is: President for LIFE!!

Sorry for all the spelling and grammar mistakes. Too lazy to correct. Thanks for reading though!


  1. i think our best potluck yet! really good food all around.

    Whose in for a little Mubarak-style uprising against this evil dictator?

  2. Holy Shit this is a lot of food!!!

    I love that you guys get together to do this. its very awesome.
    I need more foodie friends that cook! -_-

  3. Where were those meats and cheeses hiding?! Jealous!

    This really was one of the best! So much amazing food... I'm drooling just thinking about it.

    Btw - the finished lobster rolls were awesome! Buttery bread topped with lobster? Yum!

  4. Great potluck that weekend.

    Hungry is so greedy. Not like I care as long as somebody gets to enjoy it. And I only saw you do it because you weren't doing it quietly. Haha. I took away one sausage from the box to give away and let you walk away with the big haul. Dude, you also took the remaining 2 packs of proscuitto and the sottocenere/ italian black truffle cheese I bought from Murray's. LOL.

    The next Potluck I see delicious cookies out, I should take ALL of them then...I should've taken ALL the oreo truffles. :P

    Yvo's chocolate-marshmallow filled cookies were okay overall. Not too sweet but for me, I need sweeter and richer in chocolate taste. And those were zeppoles, not beignets. Much better than the garbage they sell at Led Zeppole!

  5. Awesome, thanks Hungry!!!!
    BTW, the amaretti/peach preserves crostini also has a layer of soft butter on the buttom.
    The pistachio/chocolate is sitting on top of a mixture of ricotta/sugar/lemon zest.The strawberry one is on a marscapone/powedered sugar/vanilla mixture.

  6. What?! I still don't think I was thaaaaat drunk, and my personality didn't change, it just became more ... pronounced! Yeah, that's it! :P
    Oh, just fyi - the white dip was store bought, parmesan artichoke garlic. The chips were home-fried (just plain corn tortillas, cut into 8ths and then deep fried) by BeerBoor (um, at my request!). :)
    I've got to write down that truffle cheese name, I'm not sure if it was because I was plastered but the truffle-ness wasn't too overwhelming which is a problem I have sometimes with truffles. I think I'd like to get some of that.

    PS Thanks TC for saving me some sausage. HAHAHA

  7. TC gave me a sausage too!

  8. I am generous with my sausage?

    TT, you left before Hungry though so thought you might like it as well. Feisty Family loves their meat.


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