Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Recently, a Financier PR rep contacted me to try one of their new products. I happily obliged and was quickly sent a can of ground coffee and some of their famous financiers.

The gift was very generous and I quickly dug in to see the quality of their merchandise.

First, the financier (which I forgot to take a picture of individually) was buttery and light. It reminded me of a toss between a madeline and a pound cake. I enjoyed and could see why they would go so well with coffee or tea. A nice afternoon snack, indeed.
While I munched on the baked good, I brewed up some coffee on my stovetop maker.
I'm glad the coffee came pre-ground because I don't have a grinder and do not plan on purchasing one. I don't drink enough coffee from home to warrant one. Anyway, once I popped open the can, I could smell the rich coffee beans. A distinct odor that left me with my eyes closed and pupils rolled back. I enjoyed it to say the least. Anyway, I went to brewing it and enjoyed the cup (which I also forgot to photograph). It was rich in flavor without being burned or sour. The level of flavor and strength was pleasant to me. It wasn't too strong and overbearing. However, it wasn't masked when I added my cream to the mix. No sugar.
Financier makes a pretty good coffee. I put this can in my rotation of coffee at home.

*I received no compensation to review this product in any way. My review is solely based on my views only and I reserve all rights.*

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