Saturday, March 19, 2011


A while ago, a few of use girls went out to dinner. We decided to start a monthly dinner together. Awesome! So we picked Motorino because I clammered about the lack of me having neopolitan pizzas which overtook NYC recently.

When we were seated, we were really hungry so 4 pies it was! That's 1 slice per pie per person. That's a whole pie total per person in the end. Oof! Lots of eating. The best way to work around this was to have each person pick a pie. I picked the cremini and sausage pizza ($17). I really enjoy mushrooms on pizza. I really enjoyed this pizza. I think the toppings were really nice with just enough toppings without overloading it.

Here's an upskirt. Slight char here and there. But overall okay. I wasn't too much of a fan of the crust. It was more pillowy soft than crispy, crunchy. I'm a thin crust pizza person. So this was more bready than I would have liked. It reminded me of naan.
The Feisty Foodie picked the cherry stone clam pizza ($17) which I know everyone enjoyed as well. The squeeze of lemon was a nice touch. I also know that people definitely appreciated the de-shelled clams in this pie.
Next up, the brussel sprouts and pancetta pie ($16). I really liked this one. I think the bitter and charred sprout leaves paired will with the fatty pancetta. The flavor was really balanced.
Lastly, we had the stracciatella pizza ($17) which is basil, sea salt, and oil. A simple pizza that displays the purity of the ingredients. When this arrived, the basil was really fragrant. I loved the smell! Taste-wise, it was a nice slice. It wasn't really jumping with flavors like the other pies but it was good in it's own way.
With the pizza, we also ordered the Perfect Pizza Wine ($32) which we all enjoyed. It had a little bubble action so it was kind of refreshing. It actually did go well with the food.

Overall, I thought the pizza was good. We ate so much that I didn't eat my crusts. This allowed me to finish the slices without feeling ill afterward. Would I come again? Sure. I'm just not super ecstatic about the crust. I like the thin cracker type crusts. Otherwise, a decent place to go for fresh toppings.

349 E 12th St # A
New York, NY 10003-7266
(212) 777-2644

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  1. When I don't feel stuffed up on food, I could go for a brussels sprouts pie...PIZZA!!

    I need to go back when the place isn't crazy packed or visit their Williamsburg location on a quiet evening.


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