Monday, May 23, 2011


I was craving something different for lunch with Mr. Knodel. So I looked around the Midtown Lunch website and stumbled across Akendiz. Although I wasn't looking for an under $10 meal, I was certainly intrigued. So off we went to have some Turkish food for lunch.

Akendiz is a proper sit down restaurant with quick service. We sat along the wall on a 2 top table and was immediately served bread and water.

The bread in handy because I wanted to try the Tamara ($6.50) which is whipped red caviar. The portion was generous and the dip creamy. Slightly fishy but not in a off put way. I really enjoyed this. It certainly whet my appetite.
To share, we also ordered a stuffed baby eggplant ($10). I'm not sure if this was a baby eggplant because it was huge! It was certainly more like a full sized eggplant that you can find at the supermarket. In any case, this was really tasty. Served cold, the eggplant was stuffed with tomatoes, onions, pine nuts, garlic, and peppers. It was all vegetables but all really tasty.
For his entree, Mr. Knodel had the mixed grill ($25) which had a decent amount of food on the plate. He had 2 kinds of shish kebabs (chicken and lamb) as well as a lamb chop. All this was served with some rice, red cabbage, cucumbers, a grilled tomato, and a grilled jalapeno.
I had the skewered ground meat ($15) which came with two skewers. The lamb was really flavorful and slightly spicy. I really enjoyed this. I had the same sides of rice, cabbage, cucumbers, tomato, and jalapeno.
Here's a closer look at the ground beef and lamb. Well seasoned and cooked perfectly, the meat was juicy, tender, and really delicious. In a sandwich, this would be awesome!
I really Akendiz. The food was flavorful and the service attentive. Though the price is a little much for lunch, I would definitely go back.

19 West 46th Street
New York, NY 10036-4118
(212) 575-2307


  1. I absolutely love tarama/taramasalata. I order it whenever I see it on the menu but haven't had too much luck finding one as good as the one I had my first night in Greece (though I've had close, or good in its own way). Love, love, love (you can also buy it jarred but it tastes tinny to me).

  2. Me really like their food. I haven't ordered delivery from them for a while. Oh well.

    Good lamb sammies, and the bread with red lentil soup!

  3. Food looks really good! But how did it make in on ML with those prices?


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