Tuesday, May 31, 2011


A nice sunny day led to a walk over the Brooklyn bridge into Dumbo and pizza at Grimaldi's. I've been to this pizza joint before and thought that the pies were delicious and the crust thin and crispy. So we ventured out again with a few newbies in tow for some pizza goodness.
We arrived around 6pm and there was a line but it wasn't offensive. It was maybe 10 people deep but it moved quickly. That's the thing about pizza, it doesn't take that long to cook or eat. We sat down and ordered 3 pies to share amongst 6 people. That's a half pie per person or 3 slices.

The first pie was a classic with just pepperoni and cheese (large $14 each plus $2 each topping). They sprinkled some basil on top as well for decorative reasons. But the taste? Nice. The crust was thin, the cheese was melted, and the pepperoni was spicy. We only wished that the sliced meat would be sprinkled around more evenly towards the edge of the crust. Otherwise, really tasty.

And here's an obligatory upskirt. Just a little bit charred on the bottom. I wish there were more char marks because I like the bitter taste of it. However, the lack of charred marks didn't deter the pizza crust from being crispy and crunchy with each and every bite.

And look at the thinness of the pizza. Lovely isn't it? I really enjoy a nice thin crust.
The next pie was kind of a mish-mash of toppings. We had onions, roasted red peppers, and ham. Some people didn't like the texture of the red peppers on the pizza. However, I enjoyed it. I'm always a stickler for a nice balance of meat, veggies, and cheese on a pizza. Though texturally unpleasing to most, I enjoyed this pie.
And lastly, we had sausage and onions on the 3rd pie. I thought that this pie was my least favorite. I didn't think the sausage was plentiful and it was more like a cheese pizza with a sprinkle of meat. However, flavor-wise people still enjoyed it. Some even more than the previous pie.
Grimaldi's was really good and I enjoyed it for a second time. I'm more of a classic NYC pizza pie type of person. Some people would rather have neopolitan pies. Either way, I think Grimaldi's makes a fine pie.

19 Old Fulton St
Brooklyn, NY 11201
(718) 858-4300


  1. never been to this location. the one at the Limelight was pretty good and closer, hehe.

    will still make the excursion one day out there.

  2. They opened one up in northern Queens (far, far from public transportation) that I keep wanting to try but I'm told the original should be my first. It looks really good though - that pizza! I've been making a list of foods I'll miss the most if I quit eating out and though I don't eat pizza often, I think that is on the list... will have to make my own.

  3. Their BK location is a favorite among NYC pizza places. Not a fan of the long lines outside though. I gotta go again during an off-peak time (I went on a work-day and still crowded. Damn tourists.)

    I haven't been to the Limelight one but was not impressed by the one in Douglaston, Queens.


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